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Anonymous asked: Hi bunny, I have a couple questions I hope you can answer if you'd like. 1. Are you a guy or a girl (cis) or neither? 2. Where did you go to school and what year did you graduate? 3. What are the aspects of FLCL that lead to the style of art you create? 4. What NY dungeon were you employed at? 5. How do you like NYC? Are you anal retentive about grammar? 6. Do you consider yourself a bad person or a good person? - Thank you. 6 is all I ask.


I’m an female artist from NYC, I went to Art & Design High School, tried college but never finished, school was never my thing. The character design of FLCL has always amazed me, it’s just a sick style. I would rather keep my employment private. I love NYC, but honestly I would love to live elsewhere, experience new art, culture, and people, I would love to live in Spain. I’m the worst when it comes to grammar, always have been. I’m human, people make mistakes and I’m still learning, to some I may be bad and others I’m a saint, it really depends on the situation, that’s just apart of life.

and my apologies for answering all your questions so late.
Thank you for your interest.

Bunny Lee.

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